Age 25 & Under White Marlin Inn Policies

Credit Cards are not allowed for Advance Deposits for Senior Week/High School Grad reservations. Credit Card must be present at check in with the card holder for all other standard reservations. We do not accept credit card payments by guest not checking into hotel. If credit card is not shown at check in, another form of payment will be required for entire reservation. So Parents you can not use your credit card to pay for your son or daughters stay; they must have a card in their name or you will have to send in a money order for payment !

Security Deposit: We require a Cash Security Deposit at check in in the amount of $300 per room with One & Two Beds; $600 for The 2 Bedroom Apartment. Refundable minus a $40 cleaning fee at check out between 9a.m. til 11a.m. on date of check out provided no damages/ theft to room, no extra persons, no damage to White Marlin Inn property and room was not evicted. If any of these are violated Security Depost will be forfeited. Security Deposit is not an Advance Deposit. Advance Deposit is amount of money used to hold reservation required when reservation is made; This amount is subtracted off total room charges; Security Deposit is additional amount ($300 for 1 & 2 Beds; $600 for 2 Bedroom Apartment) required at check in to ensure no damages to our property. At check in remaining room balance plus the security deposit will be due. Security Deposit can only be paid cash.

Senior Week Cancellation/Change Policy: Reservations cancelled 30 days or less prior to Arrival forfeit deposit paid. Cancellations outside of 30 days will be charged $75 cancellation fee.

Unregistered guests are not allowed on any part of the White Marlin Inn property. Any guests trying to sneak in unregistered guests will automatically be Evicted, no second chances with this policy. Guests may only be in room they are registered to.

For guest not having their own credit/debit card you can pay balance with a money order,or cash. We do not accept personal checks at check in. We do accept them for advance deposits when received 30 days prior to reservation.

NO GUESTS UNDER 18 ARE PERMITTED In White Marlin Inn without parental / legal guardian signed permission slip. Anyone misrepresenting themselves on a reservation, whether it be whom the room is registered to, the age of the occupants, etc, will not be allowed to Check In, or will be Evicted and will forfeit all money paid.

Daily Housekeeping service is provided & required; Do Not Disturb signs are not allowed during Senior Week. No Drugs & Alcohol on Hotel Property. No smoking in rooms or on patio sundeck are and our walk ways, Smoking is only allowed downstairs in the vending area only. No Exceptions, Violating this will result in eviction from property.

No Disruptive behavior including but not limited to damage of hotel property, loud noise, vulgar language, slamming doors, loitering on walk ways and patio sundeck area, abusing ammenities, yelling from patio, etc. No   hair dryers, grills or hot plates, or any other electronic cooking appliances we have not provided on property.

Must have photo ID at Check In and to re-enter the Hotel. All rates subject to change without notice. Rates do not include 6% state and 4.5% room taxes & $5.99 per night resort fee + tax, and 1.9% credit card processing fee plus tax. We are a family property. No subletting. Sorry, no pets. (Only Service dogs with proper paperwork).

Reservations will be held until 10 PM Please call if arriving late. No bicycle storage permittted in guest rooms. Parking is limited to one space per room rented. Checking Out later than posted time will forfeit Security Deposit, and or key deposit. Loitering inside/outside of White Marlin Inn prohibited. If any policy mentioned in this letter is violated, it will result in eviction from our property and all money paid including Security Deposit will be forfeited.

White Marlin Inn Management also reserves the right to enter room and or evict any person for any reason listed or not listed in this letter.

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